reSITE dPAV was a three-stage competition. Stage one commenced with an "Open Call" where 20 individuals from across the globe were selected for stage two: a 2.5 day workshop competition in Prague. One team was selected by a jury (see Jury) for stage three: the construction of a temporary, movable pavilion that will be used for conferences and festivals about urbanism in Central and Eastern Europe. Tyson Hosmer of Balmond Studio led the workshop with a special Keynote Lecture by world-renowned structural designer and artist Cecil Balmond. The workshop took place during reSITE festival from 21 - 23 June 2013. The most successful proposal will be chosen by an international jury. The pavilion chosen represents a physical manifestation of what reSITE stands for including the virtues of collaboration, transparency, sustainability, innovation, openness, and international discourse on art, urbanism, activism and design. It will become an internationally recognized device for reSITE festival and the modernization of cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The reSITE dPAV competition and workshop was open and interdisciplinary – individuals and teams in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, sociology, geography, social science, marketing, finance, science, business, technology and IT, event planning and anyone interested in cities, architecture and urban design.

All questions should be directed to by May 17, 2013.
Relevant questions and answers will be posted in FAQ.




The workshop is open to individuals or teams of up to 3 members. reSITE encourages architects and engineers, as well as different non-architectural disciplines (landscape architecture, arts, social and physics, science, IT, business, humanities) to apply. reSITE will consider a reasonable amount of individual applications and prioritize the different professional backgrounds of applicants.

We strongly recommend teams to be interdisciplinary - each team must have at least one architect or engineer and at least one member of a different profession. Teams can be led by any discipline; though team leaders must have graduated from university within the last 10 years.



All valid submissions will be reviewed by preliminary jury. 20-25 applicants will be selected for the workshop. All applicants will be informed by reSITE team about selection results. Selected applicants will have 7 days to confirm their participation.



In order to create a diverse, challenging working environment and offer the possibility to work in interdisciplinary teams, selected individuals and teams will become a part of 4 final workshop teams. Final teams will be created during the workshop, each team will have 5-6 members.

Workshop participants will create a conceptual and feasibility study of the pavilion during an intensive, 2.5 day event. Cecil Balmond and Tyson Hosmer will lead the workshop, while up to 5 consultants (construction engineer, sound engineer, scientist, architect, marketing specialist, economist) will be available during the weekend for consultation. Teams are expected to be present at the workshop venue during scheduled hours (See Schedule), and will be permitted to work through the night if they would like.

All teams will publicly present their proposals at 7:00pm on the last day of the workshop (Sunday). An international and interdisciplinary jury will select the winning design proposal for the reSITE pavilion. The winning team will then present the pavilion to the public at the final event of reSITE Festival in the center of Prague.

Light food and refreshments, the workshop venue, staff, mentors, workshop leaders, wifi access, drawing and modeling materials and consultancies are provided by reSITE. All additional costs will be covered by participants themselves. Additional equipment like 3d printers, specialized modeling software and laptops must be brought by participants depending on their particular needs.



After a contract period and qualifications are deemed appropriate to the project, the winning team will be commissioned by reSITE and selected sponsors to proceed with with final design and tender documents (construction documents). The commissioned team will be responsible for final design or serve as design consultant for the final design phase.




By participating in the reSITE pavilion workshop, all participants authorize reSITE to publish and exhibit all designs (including project data submitted) – waiving compensation – at exhibitions and events and/or to use them in any publications or communications that the organizers may deem suitable and/or necessary. It is not obligatory that designers be awarded a full project commission. The winning team will be listed as Concept Design authors of reSITE pavilion.


Eligible person(s) or team(s) shall go through detailed guidelines and shall need to agree to abide by the conditions mentioned therein before registration. Upon acceptance and after registering such person(s) or team(s) shall qualify to enter the workshop.

To be eligible, each Submission must strictly read and comply with all the imperatives of the reSITE as given in the eligibility criteria and submission requirements. In case any entrant is found to be noncompliant, he/she shall be disqualified from entering the competition. In case any Entrant(s) is found to have provided false information before or after registration, they shall be liable to be disqualified.

No Applicant shall receive or be entitled to receive any payment as a result of a submission or for granting the promoters any right here in or associated with the competition except an award pursuant to the rules herein.


Workshop participants must not communicate with the jury about the workshop in any way until a public announcement of the winners is made.
No partner, associate, or employee of any jury member may participate in the competition.

By registering to enter the competition, applicants affirm that they have read and accepted conditions stated above.



Cover Sheet

Applicants must include a cover sheet with name, team or firm name (if applicable) mailing address, telephone number, team or firm website (if applicable) and email. If you are applying as a team, please include the names and emails for each team member and identify one team member as the Lead Contact.


Statements (250 words max.)

Statements of interest must not exceed 250 words. Rather than propose specific designs, applicants must discuss their interest in the dPAV workshop and how they plan to work collaboratively and intuitively on the pavilion concept design. Applications must demonstrate an understanding of the mission of reSITE and how the eventual design might respond to the relevant urban issues at large.


Current Resume / CV

Entries must include a one-page (max.) resume/CV for each team member that details relevant experience.


Reference Images

Entries must include 3 images of relevant work with identification. Images must be incorporated into the submitted PDF. Images should be formatted on an A3 page in any orientation that suits the project. Descriptions can be given with the images, but it is not obligatory.


Application Format and Deadline

The application package must be submitted as a SINGLE PDF of not more than 10 pages and 20 megabytes. Submissions must be uploaded to the dPAV website no later than 11:59 pm on May 30, 2013. Any materials not submitted in PDF form and not through the established FTP site will be disqualified.


Application Fee

Competition: 450 CZK [€17, US$22] for each applicant. Entrance can be paid via Paypal through online registration by midnight May 30, 2013. Registration is not considered complete until the registration fee is paid. The entrance fee will be used to process applications as well as to cover administration costs associated with the competition and workshop. The fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Workshop: 3500 CZK [€135, US$175] for each selected applicant. Applicants will be notified via email if they have been selected for the Stage Two workshop, at which point they can register. Entrance can be paid via Paypal through online registration by midnight June 9, 2013. The entrance fee will be used to augment organizational and administrative funds for the workshop. The fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.



The on-line registration is open and available at Registration is not considered complete until the registration fee is paid.

After registering, each Applicant will be provided with a registration confirmation.